Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Written by Syofian Hadi

(Special for my friends who didn’t join with us. You will be jealous and regret yourselves hehehe :-)

It’s a nice & tiring trip, wasn’t it?”

That was a message from Dwi whose ring tone woke me up at 8 a.m. My bad tempted me to lie down on it after Subuh, I was so exhausted. Yeah, yesterday’s trip was very very very nice and tiring trip. It may be usual trip for other people, but for us it has impressed us so much. Because it’s long time not to have fun and see each other, we miss each other so bad. In addition, some of friends have never come to Metro City, Pekalongan and Batanghari, East Lampung.

Yesterday, we –The representative of English Department of Lampung University, Generation 2004; Hadi, Ahyar, Satria, Perzan, Fevi, Nila, Dwi, Fitri, Widya and Marsha- actually wanted to attend Tisna’s wedding in Batanghari, East Lampung. But we didn’t realize that we would get more fun and impression than we had planned before. We started our jouney from Beringin Cinta Unila Park (ups, if I am not mistaken; now it’s called as Beringin Intelektual). Actually we’ve made an appointment to assemble there at 7 but in fact we could gather our friends at 7.40, who were the latecomers? Hahaha.. Then, five riders and navigators began the journey by motorcycle. The first destination is Anwar’s house in Pekalongan, East Lampung. Besides we would pick him up we also planned to change our clothes there.

Alhamdulillah, after we spent one and half hour, we arrived at Anwar’s house. He, his parents and little twins sisters welcomed us so friendly. His mother gave us three big plates of Tahu, special from Pekalongan, very delicious. Thank alotz Bu! While we were enjoying the hot tofu, surprisingly Carli, Fita, Zurid and her friend Juan came after us. We couldn’t wait for going to Tisna’s wedding. We had to run our next journey.

Eight motorcycles ran their wheels to get our next destination, Batanghari. Anwar as the Captain guided us. We needed to spend about a half hour to get there. Ephoi, Irun and Sigit were waiting for us. We were late; we couldn’t see the Ijab Qobul. Then we came into the wedding party as if 18 warriors attack the kingdom to kidnap the Princess. The bride was still in her bedroom, making her up more beautiful. We forgot about her for a moment, we were directly invited to get lunch. Sure, it was more interesting, hahaha. The time was for enjoying all the foods, share all experience, fun and deep longing while Ahyar was busy shooting all the moment by Nila’s handy cam as our request, sorry Yar!
After a half hour, Tisna, the beautiful bride, got from her room, she acted as if she were a celebrity who is greeting her fans. Spontaneously, some of our friends expressed different; “Ciyeee..”, “Cuit..cwuit..”, “Wow, so beautiful”, “She is not Tisna”, “Hey, open your mask!”, “Rantib..rantib..razia waria!”. Those were only a joke, but she was still confident, even more ‘gokilz’. Hwahahaha.. Then we came to her on the stage where the bridal couple sat, the stage was very crowded by 18 more people. We gave her greeting, made a wish; she and husband are blessed by Alloh SWT. Amiiin. One more, of course, all my friends wouldn’t pass this ritual; taking picture. C’mon guys, pose! Take all different poses! Hahaha..

All of us came back to Anwar’s house to change our clothes and take our goods left there. Next, our destination is Ahyar’s house in 23 Karang Rejo, Metro City. Most of our friends haven’t ever come to his house. But Carli, Fita, Zurid and Juan couldn’t follow us because Fita and Zurid had to teach their class at 2 o’clock. We spent about 15 minutes from Anwar’s house. Arrived there, Ibu, Bapak, Mbak Ita, and little niece Azfa welcomed us warmly. There were so many laughable things, and some friends to be our laughingstock. Anyway, we haven’t taken Dzuhur pray. We decided to do it in Satria’s house. Ahyar’s house was being repaired because they were preparing for Mbak Ita’s wedding.

All friends went to Satria’s house in 29 Metro City. I would follow them later because I had to go to 21. It’s a name of region, not the name of cinema, hehehe. People there called Selikur. Formerly, Metro was divided into some blocks such as 21, 23, 22, 16c, 22 polos, 28, etc. I saw my old sister and two nieces; Alifva and Syafa, they were lonely because their father and brother, Zidan were being in Bukit Kemuning, North Lampung, visited my parent. I just greeted and kissed them. Soon I went to Satria’s house. I spent about 20 minutes. I saw Ibu and Ayah. Although Ibu was very busy as a carrier woman, she still had time for us to make Pempek, Bakwan and Es Cendol. She is very success women, in fact she can fatten up Satria as jumbo as we see now, hwahaha. Then Ibu and Ayah left us because they had duty in a military office and Ibu had to teach. I was very full; I still remember how many foods came into my stomach in every place we visited.

Well, our next destination is Metro City Park in front of Masjid Taqwa. There we had joke, felt Metro City’s charisma, and of course did our compulsory activity; taking picture from many side, angle, place with so many different pose and expression. We don’t know when we can be ‘narcissism-person’ like this time, hehehe..

It was 3 o’clock, we had to go now. Our last destination is going home, our beloved home or boarding house, Bandar Lampung. Alhamdulillah we arrived safe at 4. Suddenly my navigator realized then reminded me that we’ve just passed five regencies and cities; Bandar Lampung, Pesawaran, Central Lampung, Metro, and East Lampung. Yeah, we’ve ridden our motorcycles through five regencies and cities in about eight hours. We’ve got our today’s fun and warm friendship. Friends, I will miss this moment forever, I’m not sure I can forget this! We must make it again next time.

Ughh, I had class in LC Malahayati University at 4.30. I had to teach… Whooah, I’m very tired!!


  1. HHHhhhh... cuapek.. tapi seru abiss! (


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