Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Written by Mr. Syofian Hadi

Tomorrow is the turn for my students to struggle for their ideals through SNMPTN. Because of my love to you, I give you a THE SUCCESSFUL RECIPE FOR SNMPTN. Do this procedure well as you ever had done when you had a National Final Examination.

•Prepare all the materials
•Pour the flour of spirit in a bowl of heart
•Blend with a chocolate of knowledge and cheese of memorizing
•Then, add the sugar of Tawakal
•Do not forget to add the powder of enough rest
•Mix them until Istiqomah
•Cook the mixture with Tahajud
•Put optimism on it to make it more tasteful
•Pour into a plate of smile
•Now, it is ready to serve to your parents
(Inspirited from emq motivation)

You must do it. Because I am lazy to pray for u but I will always curse you so that you will get your passing. (Hahaha.. Just kidding). I quoted an advise from Aa Gym for you, “Alloh sometimes gives not by granting our wish because only Alloh who knows the disadvantage (mudhorot) if our wish is granted”.
I love you all.

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