Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 May Has Passed, But I Still Miss My Teachers..!!

Written by Syofian Hadi

First, I miss The TEACHER of the teachers, OUR BELOVED MUHAMMAD Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wa sallam, who teaches us Islam through Al-Qur’an and Hadist. (You are the Guide sent by Allah to lead us towards the light. May peace and blessings be upon you.) I love you forever!

My beloved Mother who has taught me so many things since i was born. She taught me to do Sholat and pray to Alloh SWT, taught me to say Bismillah at the beginning of an undertaking and then Alhamdulillah after finishing it. She taught me to memorize Surah Al-Faatihah, Al-Ikhlash, Al-Kautsar An-Naas, and Al-Falaq before I was a Kindergarten Student (before sleeping, mother always had me brush up on my recitation). She taught me how to set shoestring and knot it well on the first day of being Elementary School student, and many more.

My beloved Father who taught me how to do Wudhu and across the street carefully when I was a kindergarten student.

My first old Brother who taught me to ride a bicycle when I was a first year student of Elementary School.

My second old Brother who taught me to wash the genitals or anus with water after defecating or urinating by my self (hehehe ) when I was 5 years old, and taught me playing guitar.

My first old Sister who taught me English Vocabulary when I was a kindergarten student and taught me how to cover my books and write down my name on them.

My second old Sister who taught me how to turn on the stove and make noodle and fried rice.

My little Sister who taught me to share, hehehehe..

(Hi, old brothers and sisters! I still remember how you fought to be the first to give me the best and teach me reciting, reading, quantification, writing, drawing, colouring, playing some games, and many more. Even, when I was a teenager, you kept guiding me to ride a motorcycle. This looks simple but meaningful and unforgettable so much to me. I do love you all!!)

I would like to say thank to Teti Supiak (my mom’s little cousin) who first had taught me reciting Al-Qur’an through Iqra’ method before I was a Kindergarten student.
Ust.Tris, Ust.Muhajir, Tuangku Malano who taught me Islam and reciting Al-Qur’an at TPA Masjid Muslimim Bukit Kemuning.
Pak Firman ‘Ipin’ who taught me Tajwid more comprehensively.
My best friend’s Mother (Agus Rahman’s mom) who taught me quick formula in multiplication.
Mr. Lut Askur (Mr.Polo), English Teacher at Brilliant College Bukit Kemuning. (thanks for forcing us to memorize 3000 words. It worked and works, hahaha.. (How’s your life now?)

Kak Redi who introduced me what people call tarbiyah.
Ust. Ibnu Hibban who introduced me the new, new, and new world, colouring my life. (What the next would you share to me? :-) thanks for being my brother)

Then, I would like to thank to Bu Gus and partners, my Kindergarten teachers. (TK PGRI 1 Bukit Kemuning)
All my teachers at SD Negeri 2 Bukit Kemuning:
Bu Syarifah (first and fifth grade teacher), here I firstly became the winner; got first rank in the first quarter-year of being a student.
Pak Sudarman (second grade teacher)
Bu Yeri (third grade teacher)
Bu Nurmasita (fourth grade teacher)
Pak Buyung, (sixth grade teacher)
Bu Siti Aminah (Islam Religion teacher)
Pak Satarudin (Sport and Physical Exercise teacher),
Bu Sistina (alm), who taught me about Military parade and Boy-scouting (I was a team leader who brought our school to get a second winner in Military Parade competition in Indonesian National Independence Day, Bukit Kemuning :-) , thanks a lot to Pak Satar and Bu Sis!),
Pak Jumiyo (alm), many things I learned from you when we had a Boy Scouts-Camping (Pramuka) in Tanjung Waras; pitching a tent, cooking the rice, making the campfire, and many more.

Then, I would like to thank to all my teachers at SLTP Negeri 1 Bukit Kemuning:
Grade 1F:
Bu Nurfiah, Physics teacher (thanks for motivating me to get Grade 2A from Grade 1F and having me get in Marching Band)
Bu Betty, Bahasa Indonesia teacher
Bu Intan Suri, my English teacher
Bu Kasmani, Islam Religion teacher
Bu Lili, Math, Art teacher
Bu Marhaini, Broiler Husbandry teacher, Typing Skill teacher
Bu Marhana, Bahasa Indonesia teacher
Bu Rusmianah, my Economics Teacher
Bu Sri Darsiyah, History teacher, Purebred Chicken Husbandry teacher
Pak Datun, my Sport and Physical Exercise teacher
Pak Dwijo, Geography teacher, Banana Cultivation teacher
Pak Samijo, my Art teacher
Pak Supomo, my Biology teacher
Pak Zainal, Lampung Language teacher

Grade 2A
Bu Hudayana, History teacher (Bu, I’m a teacher now, I learn a patience from you)
Bu Dasmailalam, Moral and Civics teacher
Bu Media, Lampung Language Teacher
Bu Romida, Bahasa Indonesia teacher
Bu Sri Nastiti (Alm), English Teacher
Bu Yusnita, Geography teacher, Moral and Civics teacher
Pak Agus Supriyatno, Math teacher
Pak Wahyudin, Biology teacher

Grade 3A
Bu Mardiyati, Geography teacher (thanks for motivating me that poverty is not an obstacle to get a better education)
Mr. Nuryo Kirti, English teacher (thanks in advance, Sir! Here, I firstly realized that I loved English)
Pak Amri, Sport and Physical Exercise teacher, Goat Husbandry teacher
Pak Andang, Physics teachers (I wish I could as humble as you)
Pak Anwar (Alm), Economics teacher (So far, I still remember the definition of Money you taught simply)
Pak Imroni, Islam Religion teacher
Pak Kusnadi, Math teacher (You’ve inspired me to be a romantic husband and cool father, hahaha.. J)
Pak Nur Suprapto, Lampung Language teacher
Pak Rahmat, Math teacher, Electronics teacher
(Some teachers taught the same subject in each grades)

Then, I would like to thank to all my teachers at SMU Negeri 1 Bukit Kemuning:
Grade 1.1.
Mr. Rizal, English teacher (Sir, as you suggested, I am here now. English! Alhamdulillah)
Pak Ayo, Chemistry teacher
Pak Mujiran, Geography, Art teacher
Pak Sinang, Physics teacher
Pak Syamsul, Islam Religion teacher
Pak Syofrizal, Bahasa Indonesia and Art Teacher
Pak Usman, Accountancy teacher
Pak Yando (Alm), Economics teacher
Pak Zulnauni, Sport and Physical Exercise teacher
Bu Desmanidar, Biology teacher
Bu Dwi “Boni”, Math teacher (I felt I was taught by a sister, thanks J)
Bu Fitri, Bahasa Indonesia and History teacher
Bu Irma, Biology teacher
Bu Lamimah, Moral and Civics teacher

Grade 2.1
Bu Cahyanti, Math teacher
Pak Munding, Islam Religion teacher and Sociology teacher (how’s your life now, Sir? Where are you now? I still remember getting so excellent score that I thought to be a sociologist, hahaha..)
Pak Zainal, Economics teacher
Bu Ros, Bahasa Indonesia teacher
Bu Dwi Wahyunanti, Chemistry teacher
Bu Endang, Physics teacher
Bu Erma, Biology teacher
Bu Novi, Physics and Biology teacher

Grade 3 Science.1
Pak Ayo Sunaryo, Chemistry teacher (Jazakumulloh, for the motivation)
Pak Abdul Malik, Physics teacher
Pak Edi, Math teacher
Pak Lisman, Bahasa Indonesia teacher
Pak Mukhsin, Moral and Civics teacher (Pak, here I work with your fellow. He told me that you were such a humble and faithful friend when you had study together with him. Inspiring!)
Pak Rahmat, Sport and Physical Exercise teacher (You were my morning activity’s eyewitness, hehehe)
Mr. Saparudin, English teacher (“They were my students. See, they are teachers here now! And you must be able to be like them or more”, you said to me. Thanks a lot, Sir!)
Bu Dali, Islam Religion teacher
Bu Tony, Biology teacher
Bu Yurna, History teacher (Would you sing “Menangis Semalam” Audy? nice voice, hehe)
(Some teachers taught the same subject in each grades)

I miss you so much. Wish there will be a great reunion, homecoming, or just come to my wedding one day, hahaha… amiin…!

Teachers, I can make a formal definition about you. To me, however, you are the light. Thank you, dankie, bedankt, syukron, salamat, merci, grazie, syukhriya, arigato, xie xie, terima kasih. I do apologize for all my wrong. May Alloh bless you all. I’m sorry for names that unintentionally I haven’t mentioned, but you have been in my heart.

@My University lecturers: I’ll write special edition for you. hehe.. don’t miss it!


  1. Asalmlkm. bapak2/ibu2.. sudilah kiranya tinggalkan alamat email/fb/twitter/website klo mampir disini. saya mrindukan bapak2/ibu2 sklian.. :-)

  2. i tried searching "lut askur" on google search,but i find this blog.
    Also there are many who seek him ,
    Thanks brother Syofian Hadi, your Posting representing me to express my thanks for all teacher in the world.
    sukses mas bro...


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