Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rihlah and Taubat! ;)

When the endurance towards unpleasant and painful things has decreased and at the same time the body immunity against the disease has gone down, maybe Rihlah should be taken.
My friend added, "Taubat as well, di!" :)

- Syofian Hadi -

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy New Year, 1st Muharram 1435 Hijriyah!

We've just spent almost a day in this new year, Muharram 1st, 1435 Hijriyah. May Allah forgive all our sins and accept all our deeds for the previous years. Then let's beg Allah to always give us His blessing for this year and the coming years. Aamiiin.. :)

My green room, 11:36 PM.
Syofian Hadi

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Everyone is very likely to possess several things they cannot reveal,
even an open and talkative extrovert.
- Syofian Hadi -

Dont think bot 'em, juz be happy! :)

People can think everything about us, should we worry about it? For certain cases, I don't think so. Don't make ourselves difficult by thinking about it, as we are entitled to be happy. :)
- Syofian Hadi -

Go with the flow!

The things we experience,
the people we meet,
and the challenges we face
are aiming to support the improvement of our lives.
- Syofian Hadi -

Talk to the Mirror!

Finding others' fault and blaming them for it, without understanding what's behind it, are so easy that the "blamers" even forget to do the same to themselves.
- Syofian Hadi -

Jangan Maksa! haha...

Kita gak bisa memaksakan orang lain mengerti kita.
Kita pun gak bisa dipaksa mengerti mereka.
Yowes, woles, jangan paksa2an!
Let it flow! ;)

- Syofian Hadi -

Prepare the best for the worst!

It's very possible to sail without having ability to swim.
But when the boat experiences a serious technical damage,
willy-nilly, swimming will be a choice, right?
- Syofian Hadi -

Greet, Smile, and Shake Hand! :)

One of the joys in this life is when people excitedly move closer to respond our greetings, smile and shake our hands warmly.
They make us recognize the value of making people feel comfortable. :)
- Syofian Hadi -