Friday, May 27, 2016


When you work in a clear direction from a leader,
trust, respect and help each other,
can get the best together,
never leave when the bad things appear,
nor show off as the only one single fighter,
I think your team is SUPER!
(Hadi, 24-04-15)

Be A Better You!

(Hadi, 16-01-15)

Choice and Priority

When people are not willing
to spend that little on themselves,
they are obviously taking their own priorities.
(Hadi, 15-12-14)

Monday, December 22, 2014

She, My No. 1. (Happy Mother's Day)

Written with love by Syofian Hadi

She, My No. 1.

She is not a nurse,
but she is always there to give me first aid so I feel relieved.

She is not a teacher,
but she has taught me what a cognitive-based school didn’t teach.

She is a not a chef,
but she always makes me amazed
and shout excitedly “what a delicious dish!”

She is not a millionaire,
but she always tried hard to fulfill all my basic necessities. 

She is not a follower of Mario Teguh’s twitter,
but she always says something encouraging me.
She is not a wedding organizer,
but she was there to make my walimah! 
She is not a formal professional,
she just prays for me, did, does, and will do everything for my best.
Whenever and wherever I am,
she is always here in my heart to make me feel safe and sound.
She is everything, from Allah to me,
and I just call her “AMAK”.
I love you forever, Amak..!

Rabbighfirlli waliwaa lidaiya warhamhumaa
kamaa rabbayaanii shaghiraa..
Aamiin.. :')

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, all ibu-ibu in the woooorrrlld...!! 

Dec 22nd 2014