Saturday, January 30, 2010


Written by Syofian Hadi
For the umpteenth times Malahayati University presents MALAHAYATI GREEN SHOW program and for this year it was held on Thursday, January 21st 2010 in Malahayati Theatre. The show interactively guided by Mr. Hadi and Mr. Abie as the Host presented three programme series, that is:
The show was not only attended by many students of Malahayati University but also by the Head of Alih Teknologi (ALTEK) Foundation, Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans, Lecturers, and the official employees of Malahayati University. The show supported by Telkomsel also invited the Head of County Police for Bandar Lampung (Kapoltabes) Kombes Polisi Agoes Dwi Listijono and the Head of County Traffic Police for Bandar Lampung (Kasat Lantas Poltabes) AKP Dedi Dewantho, S.I.K.
Malahayati University does pay attention to its students’ development by facilitating them with some supporting facilities. Recently, Malahayati University launched its new great facility, Academic Clinic (Counselling Institution). In this show, Academic Clinic was introduced and presented by the Counsellor graduated from University of Indonesia Ms. Astri, S. Psi. She said that Academic Clinic will serve the students not only by helping them to solve their problems, disturbances and weaknesses in study but also by increasing their self-development, either personality, social, learning activities, or career planning.
In Road Show Police Goes to Campus, the Head of County Police for Bandar Lampung Kombes Polisi Agoes Dwi Listijono motivated all the audience. He said that Da’wah or asking everyone to be a good person and having taqwa to Alloh SWT are not the only duty for the religious preachers but they are also the duty for all the people, included the students and police. “It’s the time for us (police) to change our method in combating crimes or the men breaking off the rule by using religious approach that is improving the societies’ faith and morals (iman and akhlak).
The Head of County Traffic Police Bandar Lampung AKP Dedi Dewantho, S.I.K. gave all the audience guidelines in traffic and socialized the recent traffic law (UU No.22 Tahun 2009 mengenai Lalu Lintas dan Angkutan Jalan). In this nice occasion, the County Police gave the audience not only the chance to feel free for discussing or sharing their problems in traffic but also eight helmets gratis.
Language Centre of Malahayati University also succeeded the show by putting the climax of English on Stage II program in it. LC Malahayati University had begun the series of program since January 18th to 20th 2010 by presenting some English competitions such as English Debating Competition, Story Telling, News Casting, Scrabble, and Spelling Bee. According with the theme “Encourage Your English Talent in Grabbing the Champion through English on Stage”, Mr. Wahyu Dani, the Director of Language Centre of Malahayati University and the Chief Organizer of Malahayati Green Show, said, “LC Malahayati University has improved and will always improve the students’ English proficiency through many programs, and English on Stage is one of ways”.
As stated previously by the Head of Alih Teknologi (ALTEK) Foundation Mr. R. Agung Efrio Hadi, M. Sc. that Malahayati University always increases and develops the academic climate not only by making relationship with local scientists and other universities but also with international and foreign scientists and universities. Malahayati Univeristy also holds the lecturers and students exchange abroad. Therefore, it demands all the lecturers and students to have a good skill and proficiency in English as the one of International languages.
In this show, LC Malahayati University awarded the trophies and cash money to the winners of the competitions and gave many door prizes to the audience.

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