Monday, December 22, 2014

She, My No. 1. (Happy Mother's Day)

Written with love by Syofian Hadi

She, My No. 1.

She is not a nurse,
but she is always there to give me first aid so I feel relieved.

She is not a teacher,
but she has taught me what a cognitive-based school didn’t teach.

She is a not a chef,
but she always makes me amazed
and shout excitedly “what a delicious dish!”

She is not a millionaire,
but she always tried hard to fulfill all my basic necessities. 

She is not a follower of Mario Teguh’s twitter,
but she always says something encouraging me.
She is not a wedding organizer,
but she was there to make my walimah! 
She is not a formal professional,
she just prays for me, did, does, and will do everything for my best.
Whenever and wherever I am,
she is always here in my heart to make me feel safe and sound.
She is everything, from Allah to me,
and I just call her “AMAK”.
I love you forever, Amak..!

Rabbighfirlli waliwaa lidaiya warhamhumaa
kamaa rabbayaanii shaghiraa..
Aamiin.. :')

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, all ibu-ibu in the woooorrrlld...!! 

Dec 22nd 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hi! Hi! :D

I felt like hitting the jackpot when I could great and shake a hand of a friend who pretended neither to see me nor to care of my presence.  :D

Hi, friend! ;)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Special Touches

Simple things 
touched by special touches
transform simply to be special.:)
- Syofian Hadi -
Sept 28th 2014

Let Me Put All My Hopes in YOU

Since I do believe YOU always solve all the unrest in my soul with a wonderful end,
please let me put all my hopes in YOU every time,
Yaa Rabb..
- Syofian Hadi -
Sept 14th 2014

Allah is with me! :)

I am here, with a strong belief that Allah always shows me the right path. 
Insya Allah..
_Syofian Hadi_
Sept 7th 2014

Trust Allah's Way to Love Us

None is wrong,
now nothing to blame,
for everything that has happened
and will happen. 
Be positive,
Allah has the way to love, just trust HIM.
-Syofian Hadi-
Aug 26th 2014

What the best is ...

The least mudhorot 
always tends 
to be 
the best!
-Syofian Hadi-
Aug 14th 2014

Sudah Pernah Tonton Film G30S/PKI ?

Dari saya kecil kemudian sampai tidak ditayangkan lagi hingga sekarang, saya belum pernah nonton film G30S/PKI full dari awal sampai habis. Karena dulu tayangnya tengah malam banget, kadang ketiduran, pas bangun sudah mau ending, atau kalau dapat awalnya, kemudian saya akan ketinggalan endingnya, ketiduran.

Cerita aja ini mah..
Jangan tanya saya kecilnya di tahun berapa ya? :p 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Watch Your Words!

-Syofian Hadi-

Monday, August 4, 2014

You Are Not Alone!

You're not all alone,

Allah is with you, hears your prayers.

Be sure you'll find the way. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Ied Fitr 1435 Hijriyah

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb.
The honorable colleagues, students, friends, brothers, sisters, and all people I've wronged,
I couldn't meet you on Ied Fitr because of the distance,
all my sms, bbm, wa, and messages via FB-twitter might be failed because of the bad signal in my village. *many reasons* :p
Therefore, today I humbly beg your many pardons for all my mistakes, seen and unseen.
Hopefully everything will be better.
Have a nice family time, and always put the rubbish in the bin! :)
Happy Ied Fitr 1435 Hijriyah.

*When my family and I visited some tourism sites, we're so sad to see the beach, hill, streets and the others places strewn with so much rubbish! :(

Happy Ied Fitr, Dad!

You’ve been there for exactly three months now. It still hurts to remember when you left. Ied Fitr comes. It’s so strange to me. I can’t greet you, hold and kiss your hands, ask your forgiveness and prayer for me. In my deep longing for everything about you, I can only cry and pray, I beg Allah to give you the most beautiful place, forgive your sins and accept your good deeds. I wish Allah gather us all in Jannah.
Pa, you know that I’m so grateful for being blessed with the best father Allah’s given to me, don’t you? :’)
Allahummafirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fu'anhu..
I love and miss you so bad, pa. Happy Ied Fitr.

1 Syawal 1435 H / 28 July 2014